The History of Jerrol's

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How We Got Our Name

From the book "The Unfinished History of Jerrol's

It was the fall of 1946 when Jerry and his brother Rolf first saw the word “JERROL’S.” It was on a little blackboard situated on the family’s kitchen table. Jerry walked into the kitchen, saw it and asked his mother, “What’s this?” She gave him that look. The look that said, how could I have brought this boy into the world? Jerry recalls, “I just stood there feeling ridiculous when Rolf, who was always smarter than I, said, ‘That word is the first three letters of your name and the first three letters of my name, but what is the apostrophe S about?’ Mother said loud and clear, ‘OWNERSHIP.’ Rolf and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.”



Take a Video Tour of the History of Jerrol's

This video was taken in 2014 - see below for some updates!

View Our Book - The Unfinished History of Jerrol's: From ice cream to office supplies


Updates since 2014:

Our sign blew down on Sunday, August 8th, 2018. Click here to watch a video of it happening. 

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Click HERE for Interview with Nate, Amy & Cody (Great Grand Kids) 6/17/24


Grandpa Don's Root Beer Float ice cream was created in memory of Don & Irene Williams the founders of Jerrol's. in 1947 Jerrol's was a soda fountain and of all the treats they served, root beer floats were Don's favorite. When Kori Winegar of Ellensburg's own Winegar's Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee heard this story he decided to make this ice cream in his honor. 

Click HERE to see Grandpa Don's Root Beer Float ice cream being made